Women With Heart - A Podcast on women who are simply brilliant

In conjunction with PodcastOne Australia, Dr Nikki has created a podcast called 'Women With Heart'. In each episode, Nikki has a discussion with nine extraordinary women including journalist Tracey Spicer, who has been instrumental in promoting women in the media as well last tackling sexism. She also talks to academic Dr Susan Carland, the brains behind #CelebratingWomen Dr Kirstin Ferguson and physicist/environmentalist Samantha Hood. The podcast was produced by Elissa MacNeill and recorded in the studios of PodcastOne.

To listen, download the PodcastOne app from the Android or Apple app stores or visit the PodcastOne website here. And finally, the podcast also is available on iTunes.


Dr Nikki Stamp hosts ABC Catalyst - on ABC September 12

'Heartbeat: The Miracle Inside You' is the 5th episode in the 2017 season of ABC's science show, Catalyst. Nikki is hosting this wonderful episode which showcases stories of patients from all walks of life. We'll see how heart surgery changes their lives and take a glimpse at what the best in science is bringing us to look after this vital organ. 

Tune in to ABC at 8:30pm, Tuesday September 12th.